Satumetsä (The Fairytale Forest) is a Fairytale Magazine for children and grown-ups. Satumetsä publishes traditional and modern Fairytales and contemporary Fairytales which draw their inspiration from the traditional and modern Fairytales among many other things. Satumetsä also publishes tales about flora and fauna, translations from global Fairytales and poetry and nursery rhymes for children.


Satumetsä follows Finnish and Nordic storytelling tradition, bringing stories to our day. There are two hundred creators of Satumetsä consisting of both professional and amateur authors and illustrators who bring the contemporary Fairytales of Satumetsä to life.

Satumetsä takes its creators and readers to a new era of blossoming imagination. Satumetsä’s paragon is Children's Magazine Pääskynen which was published in Finland during 1871—1881 and 1906—1935.

It is possible to get familiar with stories and poems published in the magazine from Satumetsä’s free browsing issues (available in Finnish) which are to be found by scrolling down this site.



News item from Satumetsä by Kulttuuritoimitus (15th July 2021, in Finnish)

Yli sadan vuoden jälkeen – Satumetsä kulkee perinteisten satulehtien jalanjäljissä | Kulttuuritoimitus


News item from Satumetsä by Kulttuuritoimitus from 27 excellent Finnish Culture Magazines (29th October 2021, in Finnish)

Luetaan niitä lehtiä! 27 erinomaista suomalaista kulttuurilehteä, joihin kannattaa tutustua – Kulttuuritoimitus



Delight children, spouse, yourself, your neighbour, godchild, friends or grandparents by subscribing Satumetsä.

By subscribing you are supporting Children’s culture and valuable work of artists, authors and other cultural influencers in Finland and around the globe.


First hundred subscribers get one temporary annual Satumetsä e-subscription as a gift.

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Satumetsä publishes stickers, coloring pages, Children’s comics, fun recipes and stories and illustrations children have made themselves!

The stories and illustrations by children are accepted via e-mail and via snail mail.



”I have always loved Fairytale Classics and Fairytale booklets from old days, so I was really excited to hear that Satumetsä Fairytale Magazine continuing this tradition is going to be published! The First Issue didn’t fail the expectations but there were good classical atmosphere and also new suprising fairytales, which wouldn’t propably be experienced some other way. Old Fairytales were brought nicely to our day and suitable for a new generation. Satumetsä offers a haven that is welcomed to daily routines as an adult too, I can imagine that this is wonderful experience for children also and a dive to World of Fairytales though a whole family.

— Milja Korpela
Founder of Juhlaprinsessa

”Children have liked Satumetsä a lot! They ask to read that Forest.”

 Satumetsä’s reader

"Satumetsä Fairytale Magazine is just that, what we have been longing in our time: a pinch of magic, a dash of fantasy, a handful of reality escape. Satumetsä does valuable cultural work by bringing back the old Fairytale Magazine tradition in Finland and giving it a new life by bringing contemporary fairytales, poems and rhymes along with the much beloved Fairytale classics. Satumetsä is as it’s best when read together out loud with children – and that is why it also work as a contributor to literacy and joy of reading.”

Lea Pennanen

Founder of Kustannus Z

"Thank you for a mesmerizing Magazine!"

 Satumetsä’s reader
"The cover illustrations of the Magazine have been amazing."

Satumetsä’s reader

"Good opportunity for various kind of artists to showcase their skills."

 Satumetsä’s reader


Satumetsä no. 1 1/2021

cover illustration: artist Kirsi-Marja Moberg


Listen the stories from Satumetsä in Storytel!


Satumetsä publishes the stories from this years Klassikkosatujen erikoisnumero (Classic Fairytale Special issue) as audiobooks and in October the first Finnish translation from North American horror classic The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1819-1820) by Washington Irving.


It is possible to listen as audiobooks the Fairytales Hömötiaisen uni (Willowtit’s Dream), Soria Morian linna (Soria Moria Castle) and Sateenkaari ja syksyn lehdet (Rainbow and Autumn leaves) which have been published in Satumetsä earlier.


It will be soon possible to listen stories from Lintunia and The Seven Magical Realms in Storytel in English. Lintunia and The Seven Realms of Magic is a storyserie which represents contemporary Indian Children’s prose by author James Paul. Also the Fairytales Lumolinna (The Castle of Enchantment) by Anni Swan, Adalminan helmi (Adalmina’s Pearl) by Zacharias Topelius and Hömötiaisen uni (Willowtit’s Dream) will be published as English audiobooks.


Later, Satumetsä begins to publish Andrew Lang’s Coloured Fairybook serie via Storytel. Andrew Lang’s Coloured Fairybooks include many world famous classic Fairytales waiting to be told!



On Sunday 16th April Satumetsä is in Runoropinoita-YhteisLive in Instagram at 6 pm!




In the year 2022 Satumetsä has been published as an e-publication only by volunteers. This year Satumetsä is having a publication break from it’s annual publication cycle (4 times per year) due financial reasons. Satumetsä will be back in business again in 2024.


Satumetsä’s subscribers have been informed about the publication break via e-mail.


In the year 2023 Satumetsä publishes two Special issues: Klassikkosatujen erikoisnumero (Classic Fairytales Special issue) in Spring around April-May and Halloween Special issue in October. Both Special issues can be subscribed as single copies in Holvi-webstore.


Satumetsä employs more it’s creators and serves more it’s readers when there are enough or more finances – that is why it is reasonable to subscribe the most unique Fairytale Magazine in Finland already today in Holvi-webstore!


Satumetsä thanks all the creators, readers, listeners, supporters and followers!